23 May

Skincare Regime For School Girls


Once girls hit their teenage years, their appearance, what they wear, how they look starts to matter a lot to them. They incorporate the latest trends in their wardrobe and on their dressing tables and emulate their favourite celebrities as much as they can.

School girls get very very conscious of their looks to the point of obsession that coupled with confidence issues; it is a sensitive period of their lives.

It’s a time of discovery and even I was very particular about my how I looked and what I wore when I was a teenager, it would be a lie to say that I am not that obsessive anymore, but I am more comfortable in my skin, about who I am and that reflects in my appearance.

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Now the thing is that girls talk and discuss amongst themselves, go out to pick up make up and clothes together and splurge their pocket money on it, but it’s not always the best that they settle for. I mean I remember during school days, Linking Road and Fashion Street used to be my staple to-go places. It’s only much later in life I realised that it’s better to be picky and settle for a few classic things than to buy a bunch of stuff at random.

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What also happens is that due to peer pressure, girls use products or wear clothes that may not suit them but they do so to fit in. You need to realise at some point that do what you are comfortable doing, use what you are comfortable using.

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Though school going girls are conscious of their looks and appearance, as they are just starting off they don’t really pay attention or are negligent of the quality of products that they use on their skin. They aren’t aware of proper skin care and hair care regimes. They focus mostly on fitting in and looking good and at times over do everything that too using poor quality stuff which can have repercussions. Of course, even though their moms do have the remedy at times, they don’t really pay heed… I am guilty of it at that age too!! So here are some essential beauty tips to guide school girls to the right track:

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First and foremost, the holy grail of skin care..CTM…cleaning, toning and moisturising. Acne and oily skin are the bane of teenagers everywhere, so ensure that you keep yourself and your skin well hydrated. Use a mild cleanser to clean your face, a non-alcoholic astringent toner thereafter and a moisturiser or a cream to suit your skin. Preferable a water based moisturizer if you have a fuss free skin and something with a benzoyl peroxide base if the acne is a problem. Remember to always keep your face clean.

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Use a scrub to clean your face once a week. Try homemade scrubs with sugar, or masoor dal. You could also go the old fashioned way and ask mom to make you a batch of ubtan. It is not only a cleanser for the face, but for the whole body too.

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Take care of your hair. It may not be fashionable, but do oil your hair once a week. If you are not interested in keeping it overnight, apply for an hour before you wash your hair. All that straightening, perming, ironing and styling takes a toll on your hair and you need to pamper them. Make homemade hair masks if possible.

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Try and go easy on the fast food and sugary drinks. They will aggravate the acne issue and make your skin look dull…apart from the fact they it is unhealthy and fattening. Eat homemade food, incorporate green veggies and lots of fruits. Drink lots of water, lemonade, lassi and green tea. They will go a long way in keeping you healthy and making you look great!

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You go out every day, to school, tuitions, out with friends, playing your sports and games, in all of that do not forget that sunscreen is your best friend. Ensure that you apply a fresh layer every time you step out into the sun. Tanned skin is a pain to repair so take precautions.

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Lastly, remember you are still in school. Steer away from heavy makeup and loud colours. There is enough time for all that. Embrace your age and your natural beauty, stick to a light foundation, some kajal, a sheer gloss or light lip colour. Buy a your make up essentials from good brands, have a few pieces but of good quality that wont affect your skin adversely, and you are good to go!

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Remember, girls look the prettiest when they don’t try too hard and this isn’t just in regards to makeup but a life lesson from me to you! Take Care!

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