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Skin Care In The Wintertime


As with summers, so with winters, your skin needs to be saved and salvaged from it!

Change in temperature and climate plays havoc on your skin and therefore with every season you need to keep changing your skin care regime to acclimatise it for the coming months.

Here are some tips on how to keep your skin perfect and dewy even in the harshest of winters!

Since the winters tend to dry out and make your skin flaky, be sure to scrub regularly. Exfoliation can be harsh during the cold season and therefore limit it to once a week.

Cleanse your skin every day. Use milk and cotton ball, it is the mildest and won’t be abrasive in any way.


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Whatever be your skin type. Moisturise for sure. Cold months mean lack of moisture in your skin. Use an appropriate cream that suits you and keep your day time and night time creams separate. The night ones are heavier and reconstructive and work to get your skin up to the mark while you sleep.

Switch your cleanser, from a foaming one to a creamy based one. Summer required you to regularly wash your face to get rid of the sweat and grime. Winters are more about being gentle with your skin.

If you have dry skin in general you can opt for facial oils during the winter time. Mix it with your moisturiser and apply twice a day. It will give your face the nourishment and well as a nice sheen.

Don’t ignore your hands, feet and lips. They tend to bear the brunt of the cold too. Keep a good protective lip balm handy always as well as a hand cream. Before you retire for the night, use a restorative heel cream to keep dryness and cracks at bay.


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