5 Nov

Skills Every School Going Child Needs To Be Taught


Our style of parenting these days is very overindulgent. All the mollycoddling is doing them more harm than good.

We don’t allow them to do anything, and then complain that they aren’t as productive or helpful as we were when we were their age.

We as parents need a shift in attitude and we need to train our kids in life skills from an early age. Here are some skills that you could teach your kids to help them adapt better:

Basic Cooking

Teach kids basic stuff that doesn’t require heat. They can make their glass of chocolate milk, fix themselves a sandwich and can also help you crack and beat the eggs for an omelette.


Image Source: chefmom.sheknows.com

Do the laundry

Teach your kids how to operate the washing machine, drop their clothes in and the amount of soap that they need to pour. Also teach them to put it up to dry, to pick up the clothes and fold them.

Manage money

Kids are full of demands these days and we indulge them. They need to know the value of money, for this give them pocket money and let them save up for what they desperately want.

Wrapping gifts

Kids love gifts and unwrapping them. Teach them to wrap gifts too. This will amp up their excitement to give gifts to others.

Take care of another living being

Get your kids a pet. It doesn’t have to be a dog or a cat. A bird or a fish is also good enough to teach them how to be responsible for another being.


Image Source: zeenews.india.com

Pack their own bags

Whether it is for school, an overnight stay at a friend’s place or vacation time with the family. Get them to make a list of essentials and then follow the list to pack their own bags.

Get your kids their own suitcases, how about these ones by Disney with their favourite cartoon characters to give them company!


Buy your child his favourite Marvel Backpack and gift a smile on his face.

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