17 Dec

Single Parenthood Rocks!


Traditionally a family is viewed as a unit of three or four. With a father and mother at the head of that unit, and children under their guardianship. There are non traditional families too and acceptance for them is increasing as people become more and more tolerant.

Single parenthood is one such arrangement where one or more than one child is brought up by a single guardian. It could be a mother or a father.

There are various reasons for such an arrangement, some are forced into such a situation due to unfortunate circumstances such as divorce or death of a spouse or even illegitimacy but for other individuals it is a choice.


There are a host of people out there who are wanting and willing to embrace the role of being a parent, their hindrance could be the lack of a partner. They don’t want to nurture a romantic relationship or get into matrimony only for the sake of offspring’s. Such people chose to adopt children. They believe they have enough love to cover for both parents and in most cases that is true.

There are many reasons why single parenting is great! One has complete and non negotiable say in the childs upbringing to start with. The child learns to be a more self sufficient and independent individual since they have such a parent for a role model. Since the family is smaller the bonding is tighter, selfish as it may sound but the parent has the whole and sole attention of the child, so why complain?

There are quite a few single parents to look upto! Sushmita Sen adopted her first child at the age of 25 and she went onto adopt a second girl a few years later. Raveena Tandon was a single mother to two girls before she even got married. Konkona Sen is a single mother to her son and Neena Gupta raised Masaba all on her own! As for men, Tushaar Kapoor recently adopted a boy and he is the apple of everyone’s eye in the Kapoor household!!


Image Source: media2.intoday.in & i.ndtvimg.com

Cheers to all the single parents out there! They truly rock!!

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  • shilpi

    nice blog

    December 17, 2017 at 12:47 PM Reply

    Such a wonderful reading…
    I am also be want like that and I am already planning to go on this path , may be this blog give me assurance that I will choose right path in my future. I m just going on to become an independent person, just in search of direction!!
    Thebagtalk blogs really help in some daily life lessons and issues , thanks for sharing!!
    keep it up!!
    Special thanks to Anita mam and Rohit sir for creating the bagtalk with these various blogs and wonderful bag…!! ????????????????

    December 18, 2017 at 10:31 AM Reply
  • shilpi

    Thebagtalk blogs really help in some daily life lessons and issues , thanks for sharing!!
    keep it up!!

    December 19, 2017 at 10:33 AM Reply

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