19 Dec

Simple Living & Joy Of Giving


The wealth we accumulate is a measure of what we have achieved. But how we spend that is a measure of our way of living.

And probably nothing gives way to inner peace more than our inner drive to give.

For Joy Of Giving Week, we give you a list of things that you could give away this winter to bring a brighter smile on the ones at the receiving end.

1. Books

The one thing that not just opens the doors to a magical world but also is educational in its own way.

2. Warm clothes

What one needs in winter is an abundance of warmth and one can find that in blankets, socks, boots and long trench coats and cloaks.

3. Grocery

Basic groceries like rice, flour, eggs, milk can go a long way to keep a family healthy for a while.

4. Bags

We all have bags in various corners of our house that we don’t use anymore and you can just contribute and help them see better days because they don’t deserve to stay in those dusty corners anyway.


Replace your old bags with this  new sling bag that you should gift yourself this season.

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