24 May

Schooltime Reads!

School time Reads

In school there are a lot of books that form a part of the curriculum, they include classics and in some boards even modern contemporary stories and impactful short stories.

Apart from what the school prescribes, there are books and novels that are a staple in every school goers book shelf and they shape our way of thinking, our opinion and thought process.

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Reading is a very important activity. You learn about different places, times and cultures. You can relate to issues dealt with in the story. These stories intellectually challenge you and make you more aware of the world you live in.
So here is a list of the books that you must have read or should have read in school, read and re-read these during the summers and get enriched!

To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)

This story deals with a small town where a black man has been falsely accused of raping a white woman. The protagonist is the daughter of the lawyer who is defending the accused. Issues dealt with are racism, sympathy, hope and courage. It came out during the Civil Rights Movement and therefore gained a lot of prominence.

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The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

A novel that delves in the opulence of the Jazz era, revolving around the quest of a wealthy young man who wants to win back the love of his life by displaying his wealth and connections.

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The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank)

A true life account of a young Jew girl who went through the terrors of Holocaust. She wrote her diary during that period and gave an account of her life which even after so many years will ring a familiar note with all teenagers, and yet the struggle and sadness of trying to survive during that period is also accounted for. She did not live to see the end of the second World War but her father ensured that her voice reaches all corner of the earth.

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Jumpy doggo

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Surprisingly this book was written well before the year it is titled as. A dystopian novel that talks of unlimited powers given to leaders who rise up to become dictators and then opposition is not tolerated in the least and people have no say whatsoever since they were complacent in the first place. It is a futuristic look at how the world will be monitored in totality including every human beings every action. Ironical isn’t it!


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Great Expectations (Charles Dickens)

Even if you haven’t read any other book on this list, this one I bet you would have! A story of a young orphan who befriends a girl which leads to a massive change in his life and what follows thereafter. It is a coming of age story with elements of love, hope, disappointment and of course expectations.

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