13 Nov

Safety At School


With all the morbid incidents taking place in schools, India and abroad, we as parents are extremely worried for the safety of our child.

From the time that they step out of the house, till the time they get back home, your heart is in your hands!

Here are a few tips to ensure that your child is safe and secure while they are away to school.

1. Emergency exits

Make yourself familiar with the kid’s schools emergency procedures and emergency exits. Ask if the school conducts such drills regularly and also make sure that your child knows what to do in case of an emergency.

2. Daily conversation

Speak to your child everyday when they get back from school. Don’t be pushy, ask open ended questions. If anything of concern comes up immediately contact the school authorities and discuss it with them. Don’t dismiss the slightest of signals. It could spiral into bigger issues.

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3. Role play

Do role plays with your child. This is very helpful with younger kids. Set simple situations such as if they lose their lunch money or their ride back home has been missed. Give them examples of what they can do and enact it to make it interesting for them and that they absorb what you mean to communicate.

4. Pay attention to routine

Pay attention to your child’s routine and pattern. Their sleep, play, meal and co curricular patterns. Any deviation should be questioned and looked into.

5. Make a network

Make a network with other mothers. Kids your child hangs out with and usually plays with, connect with their mothers. At times, your child might not give you the full picture of a situation and you can get information from other sources in that case.

5. Name

Your child.should know his full name. Parents name and contact numbers memorized. Always keep a chit with emergency contacts in their school backpack and ensure that it is in an accessible compartment such as these bags by TBTEx.


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