11 Aug

Roadies Style Team Building!


Being a part of Roadies as a contestant and thereafter as a host and team leader at times, we have had to undergo and organize various tasks to be able to judge the contestants. These tasks at times have been individual tasks and at time team tasks.

The team tasks have always rested on the principle that your team is as strongest as the weakest link. Therefore, the individuals have had to come together as one and perform. This is known as team building and works towards making a person's character stronger.

There are several cons to such activities, they promote a sense of harmony and trust in the workplace and amongst a group of people. If a few individuals have issues amongst them, working towards a common goal or task somehow helps magically resolve the issue and negates all problems that they may have had.

Here are some team building tasks that you could try out for your group or team or office peers.

Truth and Lies

Each member of the group starts out by writing two things that are true and on thing that is a lie about themselves. This has to be done in secrecy. Thereafter, leave the group to have a conversation and try and guess each others truth and lies. The goal is to convince the other person that your lie is your truth at the same time trying to guess their truth. Once the conversation period is over, everyone gets to reveal their truths and lies. You can play this game with a point system and award points to the people who guessed correctly. This encourages communication amongst people and helps you to know you team members better.


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Scavenger Hunt

Make teams of two or three depending on the number of people in the group. This could either be a treasure hunt where you give clues to the team to ultimately reach the treasure, and each clue that they find leads them to the next clue, so on and so forth. You could also make this as a list of funny, silly or even daring tasks that the team needs to do and get back proof of such as taking a selfie with a stranger, or being daring enough to go speak to the top boss and ask him for his personal phone number or even trying to perform a flash mob during lunch time in front of the entire office! You could get as creative as you want! In either of the hunts, whoever manages to complete the tasks first and/or reach the treasure is the winner.

Treasure hunt

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This is a great ice breaker. It is a simple game where you think of pairs such as yin and yang, salt and pepper, up and down, black and white. Now write the item on a piece of paper and tape it to the back of each person, they should not know what they have been tagged as. Once the game starts each person needs to go around asking yes or no questions to find out their own tag and find their pair. While asking such questions one will discover that they are actually getting to know a thing or two about themselves as well as the other person!

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You will need an empty car parking or office space. Place objects randomly, such as bottles, paper cups even some unused files. Make pairs and blindfold one person of them. The other person has to guide the blindfolded mate across the room from start to finish, navigating the obstacles. The guide will not be able to speak in clear terms as to the position of the obstacles, he or she will have to expertly guide the blindfolded member across the room. The blindfolded member, in turn, will have to repose complete faith in the team mate to follow all instructions.


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