26 Feb

Revisiting Fairytales From Our Childhood

Adulthood has taken away the privilege to indulge in fantasies, to keep our innocence and to believe in the good over evil. But sometimes, it may not be a bad idea to actually revisit our childhood through the fairytales we’ve been raised on and take away things that still matter.

Here are a few of our favorite fairytales and the importance they still hold in our lives.

  1. Snow White – No matter how small the world may consider you to be, you still have the strength in you to make a difference in someone’s life who needs you.
  2. Rapunzel – The strength to escape from your prison lies in you and the sooner you realize that is the better for you.
  3. Beauty and the Beast – Beauty is only skin deep and there is good in everyone, beyond the surface of superficiality.
  4. The Boy Who Cried Wolf – You might as well be true to who you are because nobody will believe the person who you’re trying to be.

All these morals of the stories are just things to make you a better person even today.  On Tell A Fairytale Day, we pay a tribute to the stories that have stayed with us.

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