26 Jan

Republic Day And Its Relevance


The Constitution of India is not something that we have memorized word to word, but for a better life, we should have its essence in our heart, know our rights, uphold them and make sure that the way we live our lives don’t come in the way of others’ rights as well.

One thing that you would agree with is that we, as a nation, haven’t reached the pinnacle of success yet and we have long way to go and grow. Growth can only come when we know what our Constitution holds for us. But is the Constitution just to be remembered on Republic Day? Definitely not. But sometimes, when we get complacent, we need to be shaken up and reminded about our duties and what to expect from our country.

For this, Republic Day is a reminder to go back and understand our basic rights better.And now, with the changing political and social framework, this day is more important than ever. Because pride for one’s country can only come when there’s a contribution happening proportionately from an individual’s side.Exercise your basic rights with this absolutely beautiful clutch that you deserve.

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