23 Dec

Red & Green – Colours of Yuletide


Santa is all geared up for his long ride around the world on a cold, cold winter night.

But the question is - are we prepared yet to welcome him to our humble abode, embellished in red, green and a little bit of white as well?

Here’s how you can enhance the Christmas spirit with a little bit of a makeover – in the simplest ways.

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This spunky Red Velvet clutch is perfect to add a splash of colour to your Christmas occasion

1. Scarves

Nothing adds colour and a whole lot of oomph than a bright red scarf. Generally, your woolens are a little dull, and you can break that monotony with the scarf.

 2. Christmas tree

It goes without saying that your living room must have a small Christmas tree, decorated with bells, stars and a tiny fairy on top.

3. Bed covers

Brighten up your bedroom with crimson bed covrs and matching pillow covers too. There’s nothing better than coming back to a room that spells cheer.

4. Mistletoes

A little bit of green euphoria goes a long way in making the Christmas night special and the colour will only compliment the rest of the décor.

5. Purse

Strut around with this elegant red purse that’ll make you the diva of any Christmas party.

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