30 Oct

Recycle And Reuse, The Eco-Friendly Bag Mantra!


Plastic pollution is a grave problem plaguing our planet today. Due to its toxic nature, plastic is polluting our land, our water bodies and even the air around us. It is contributing to global warming and destruction of various biodiversities.

We are all aware of the harmful effects of plastic and various measures have been taken to move away from them and look at alternatives.

The market is now booming with eco friendly options and there are so many to choose from, yet the more conscious and appropriate choice would be to choose bags that are recycled.

Even in biodegradable waste, there is a lot of material that can be used in ways which totally renews its essence. What if you could own a bag made of discarded lorry covers, tents and even material sourced from the Army discard store?! It sounds a little off the radar, but one of our partner brands -Vivinkaa is doing just that!

Having taken up the no-plastic campaign very seriously they are making stylish bags out of these materials and the results are amazing!

Why waste time then? Go show some support to these responsible causes and check out Vivinkaa’s new range of bags


Buy this canvas duffle bag and contribute to eco friendly environment

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