31 Jul

Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas!

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It’s that time of the year that we cherish our siblings and tell them just how much they mean to us. Sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers in exchange for love and protection from their side forever……and also in the hopes of an awesome gift!! In fact, sisters wait with bated breath for Rakshabandhan so that they can demand whatever that they want and her brother will have to fulfill her wishes on this day!!

These days Rakhi isn’t just about the sister being at the receiving end. Even brothers are entitled to a Rakhi gift these days. Chocolates and flowers are passé; you need to think out of the box if you have to impress your sibling!

Here are some ideas that you could look at, both for the sister as well as the brother:

Clothes and Accessories

The most obvious and receptive choice! We never have enough to wear, do we? Plus if your brother or sister is gifting you can demand that outrageous outfit that you always wanted but couldn’t afford! The good news is that mostly this time of year all the season end sales are happening so you can actually think of taking your sibling for a shopping spree without letting it burn a hole in your pocket….because you do know how ruthless your sibling can be when it comes to shopping!!!!


Image Source: karmensmith.com

Gift your sister this smart Panaca bag by AHR this Rakhi.


Buy this Stylish, dual-toned backpack from AHR now!


 A new phone, e reader or even a media streaming device. There are so many options in electronics that you can get for your sibling. You could gift him or her apps for the phone or even something bigger like a laptop or a personal television for their room!


Image Source: bestvpnprovider.net


 Yes, you read that right. A holiday, either a solo holiday or the both of you take some siblings time off. Life might have gotten very fast paced in the last few years and despite those phone calls and family meet ups the both of you don’t reconnect the way that you used to as kids. This is a perfect time since the Independence Day weekend offers a few days that you can avail. Go to someplace you loved visiting as kids and relieve those memories. The best form of bonding ever.

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Image Source: familyfuncanada.com

How about gifting your sibling this tan travel bag for your vacay together.

2AM duffle1

Buy this Trendy Tan Comfortable & Spacious Duffle from 2AM now!


Depending on what your sibling’s interests are you could assemble a hamper representing their interests. If he or she is a foodie, assemble a cheese platter hamper with a good bottle of wine in there or a chocolate hamper or you could also assemble one with exotic ingredients if he or she loves to cook, this way they get their gift and you get a decent meal out of there!!! If your sibling is an artsy craftsy person, assemble a hamper with supplies and colors and tools that they will freak out over if they are adventure junkies they make one with adventure gears…..think and you shall definitely come up with some innovative ideas.


Image Source: Pinterest


He or she might be wanting to learn photography or making tea cakes or even learn Japanese. Gift your sibling classes and they will be ever grateful to you for it! You could also gift them vouchers to retail and/or their favorite e retail stores so that they can go berserk buying all the things the window or virtually window shopped but never really got around buying!


Image Source: kubuspa.com

Hope you got a few ideas to work with and you can now think of what it is that your sibling needs! If you have any ideas or suggestions you could add to the list!


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