16 Dec

Rajni Sirs Star Sign…Guess What!?!


Rajnikanth is not born under the star sign Saggitarius, Saggitarius was born under the star sign Rajnikanth!!!

The ninth astrological sign in the zodiac depicted by the Centaur and ruled by the fire element, they are the most freedom loving of them all! You cannot pin a Sagittarian down if their life depended on it!

Born between November 22nd and December 21st, these guys are curious and childlike, their brutal honesty and undiplomatic ways don’t always go down well with others.

Let’s learn a little more about this playful sign-

Since they are more curious than the cat, superficial explanations won’t do the trick for them. They need to dig deeper and be completely satisfied with the explanation.


They are quite spiritual and seek to know the truth of the universe and the meaning of life. This quest can make them unemotional and detached from people around them.

The Saggi is quite the globetrotter. With a love for adventure and a thirst to explore new places and meet new people, these guys take off whenever they feel like it and for however long! These guys are witty and have an absurd sense of humour. They can have you splitting your sides in minutes!

They are quite flirtatious and can charm a member of the opposite sex in a matter of seconds!

Their ruling planet is Jupiter and like the planet they too like to exhibit a larger-than-life aura! They do have an issue with commitment and keeping promises they make, so beware.

Some of the famous people born under this sign are – Bruce Lee, Brad Pitt, Jimi Hendrix, Joseph Stalin, Dharmendra and the greatest superstar ever – Rajnikanth!

The lucky colour for Sagittarians is Blue. This time around gift them something true something blue on their birthday.

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