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Protect Your Wardrobe This Monsoon!

Protect Your Wardrobe This Monsoon

The monsoons are upon us and as beautiful as it is, for functional purposes, it can be quite a challenge. To try and maintain ourselves and our appearance can be a bit of a challenge during this season.

Life doesn’t come to a standstill, you have to go to the office, go for social do’s and dress the part everywhere. But how do you maintain your wardrobe in this season?

Here are tips to keep your clothes and accessories up kept and fresh despite all that is storming outside:

1.Keep them dry

Bacterial and fungal growth is very common in this season. Once you step in from the rain, dry your shoes and bag and air/fan dry them before stashing them away. The same goes for coats and over coats. As far as clothes are concerned, once air dried and if you plan to re-wear it, iron it and store it separate from washed and pre-dried clothes. While washing clothes, tumble dry them before spreading them out. Place camphor to ensure that things remain dry and fresh.


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2. Keep stuff pest free

Insects and small pests find their way into the smallest nooks and corners so place naphthalene balls, neem or cloves in your wardrobe to keep the little itty bitty’s away!


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3. Freeze

Yep as weird as this may sound since your favorite and trusty jeans might not get too much of a cleanup, the best way to get rid of the bad odor and smell that it might gather, is to freeze it. It works wonders! It will temporarily eliminate all that wet rainy damp odor from your jeans.


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4. Say no to Leather or Suede

Keep them away, somewhere airy, safe and dry. The moment you expose them to this damp weather, they shall for sure gather fungus and not only that, the will be extremely uncomfortable for the wearer or user too. You should wear cotton in this weather since they allow you to breathe and the safest textile for the weather.

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5. Treat stains immediately

Wash of stains of mud and dirt as soon as possible. The longer you let it sit, the more difficult it gets to get them off the fabric. With accessories that are delicate, the stains might spoil the material and if not that then the harsh cleaning process will get the better of it so avoid delaying the cleaning process.


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These were some SOS tips for your clothes and accessories, let us know if you have some other wonderful ideas to help maintain your wardrobe this monsoon!

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