19 Jan

Pre-Spring Fashion And Subtle Shades

pre spring

If winter were the caterpillar, spring would be the butterfly. Don’t you love how Nature blooms into its very best from mid-February and you feel like following suit? While spring is about a burst of colors, and you can go loud especially after the dreary shades of winter, the transition needs to be a subtle one. And therefore pre-spring fashion is about crisp colors with a  razor-sharp edge.

Here’s how you can catch the eye with a nuanced sense of style.

  1. Pastel – Pre-spring is when its time for you to get beach-ready and surf the seas like the world is like waves touching your feet. Wear one-shoulder or ruffle dresses to get the party started.
  2. Minty green – It reminds you of ice cream and you know you can’t wait to get yourself some. Get a scoop for yourself when you wear them for a Saturday brunch with the ladies.
  3. Ginny tops – Strapless and ruffle, wear Ginny tops with ease. Go for strawberry pink colors that go oh-so-well with white shorts making you look trendy and comfortable.

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