16 Dec

Perfect Picnic Packing


Are you packing for a picnic with family and friends? Maybe it’s with office buddies or someone special, doesn’t matter. The picnic bag is where it starts!We’ve all enjoyed those relaxed afternoons on grass, under the shade, while pet dogs run in slow motion and you feel like this is an HD TV advertisement. Yeah, never happened to you right?
It’s always sticky grass, dust, mosquitoes, rains (if you’re brave enough to do monsoon picnics), and cold food.

Some of you will pick up thermal bags and try to ensure at least some part of your food will remain hot or cold. But nature fights all, and eventually your lunch becomes ant-food.

We scoured the world and brought up some cool things with include in your picnic bag. We’re not suggesting picnic mats, but things beyond it!
Check ‘em out and make going out fun again (yes we know, Netflix and chill).

The Atelier Teratoma Picnic Bag…if it’s still called one

Revolutionary Japanese designers often blow your mind. This time they’re taking the whole picnic party with it. This astronaut suit inspired backpack bundles a whole table, stools, cushions (yes cushions!), but also a solar-powered entertainment system to boom room any picnic spot in the world! Add the screen to view messages and USB charging points—and you’ll be wondering why you ever left home at all! It doesn’t come cheap, but nor do spaceships.

Wine Aerator

Unless you drink fermented grape juice, you know that your bottle of wine needs to breathe for a bit. Preferably in a crystal carafe and all. But you’re not breaking the Swarovski for the park. So here’s a little bad boy that speeds up the aeration process—give your wine the air it needs! All you have to do is pour through it directly into your glass!

Waterproof floating games board

Oh yes, find one online and you can play lotsa games like chess, checkers, backgammon and more while floating in the pool—or just staying dry when it’s a little wet around the picnic spot! There’s an inflatable poker set with seats in the market too! If it’s an office picnic, you can ‘pretend’ to have outbound board meetings with the set too!



Image Source : heyneedle

Unbreakable / biodegradable / edible cutlery

You’re going to need plates. And if you care about the planet—they can’t be disposable plastic or thermocol. With inventions coming left right and center, you can have your plate and eat it too! If you want a long term solution, simply stick with great food-grade silicon plates and it’s easy to clean and will last you several decades of picnics!
What’s the coolest thing you’ve taken to your picnics? Let us know on the comments below and share this on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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