4 Jul

Perfect Monsoon Beauty Tools

Perfect Monsoon Beauty Tools (1)

Finally summer bids adieu and here comes the rainy season. What a relief is it not? None of that scorching sun and deadly heat. Yet with the monsoons come humidity and that “chip chip” feeling and that is a pain in itself.

A lady’s gotta do what a lady’s gotta do though. War paint on and off to conquer the world. You definitely need to have the right tools and by tools I mean makeup. The ones to suit the weather and you skin at the same time.

Here are my must haves in your cosmetics bag to ensure that you look fresh as a petal, however stormy it may be outside!


If you don’t use it already, time to get yourself a tube of it! It helps keep your skin dust free and free from grime and oil. It helps in reduction of perspiration and it also helps your makeup last longer.


Image Source: reddit.com

BB Cream

Make them your best friend. Moisturiser, foundation, SPF all in one. Perfect for daywear and gives you a light coverage all over along with sun protection. You don’t have to slather on a ton of product on your face either.

bb cream

Image Soure: Maybelline New York

Compact Powder

Your perfect companion for this weather. Helps keep your face shine free and acts as a pick me up when your face is dull and tired. Dust it all over your face using a puff or a brush and you are good to go!


Image Source: tradeindia.com

Matte Lipsticks

Say no to creamy lipsticks and glosses. Go for ultra matte velvet finish lipsticks which look like second skin. The advantage is that in the rain you don’t have to worry bout retouching your lipstick and also that they are mostly long lasting so you are safe for a few hours at least. My recommendation is to pick some pop colors to brighten it up in such dull weather.


Image Source: weheartit.com


You need a dash of color for your skin and the blusher will do that for you.  It adds a natural flush to your face. Start from the apple of your cheeks all the way up to your eyes.


Image Source: Goodhousekeeping.com

Waterproof Kajal

Line your eyes with waterproof kajal or kohl. There are quite a few long lasting ones in the market these days and they stay for anywhere between 8 to 12 hours. You could always retouch as and when required.


Image Source: Total Beauty

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