14 Dec

Paris on Your mind


Planning a trip to Paris? We’ve got packing tips.

Whether it’s Moulin Rouge, Les Miserables or plain new Befikre. Every single one of you reading this has dreamt of a holiday in Paris—or your pappa is rather rich and you’ve been there more times than some of us have been to Rajouri.

You’d be surprised to know that Paris is usually the second cheapest destination in Europe to flight into from metro cities in India! The other option is Frankurt, but since Yash Raj hasn’t made any movies there we’ll ignore it for now.

Plus if you use apps like adioso.com or skiplagged.com and you’re flexible with dates—you can really reach Paris around 30K INR return!

That’s where the cheap stuff ends though. Paris, like much of France is super expensive. Like eye-gougingly so.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t go live your dreams of a Parisian romp.

You might have seen your friends flipping around various countries with just a haversack for company and tons of memories (Facebook pics we mean) to bring back.

Friends of TheBagTalk have famously completed over 2 weeks in Paris under a lac rupees! So if you’re planning a trip soon, we’ve got you covered with essentials that can be worth a million bucks out there. Because hey, who’s got a million right?

Really good sneakers, and tons of socks

You see, Parisian streets are a pleasure to walk. And nobody wants to sell their kidneys over taxis. You’ll have new found respect for Indian commuting after you see how expensive a one kilometer ride can get. Luckily the residents are used to running their treads hard too. Everybody walks in Paris, and you’ll do 10kms+ easily if you want to cover distance, discover beautiful little cafes, and frequently pick your jaw off the floor at the beauty of the place.

Supermarket Meals

A good way to make sure you enjoy the famous French cuisine and not wash dishes at the restaurant later is to discover that supermarkets have ridiculously cheap meals at a euro or two. So pick one meal at the restaurant, one at the supermarket. The produce is very good and you’ll find tons of healthy options. Pick some supermarket wine too—at a euro or two again, it’s better than anything that comes out of Nashik (we promise!)

Rainwear and cover for your bag

Parisian rain isn’t like ours. It comes whenever, and goes whenever—and stuff gets super cold in seconds. It’s biting and annoying, and since you’re doing a pretty open air tour you want to stay nice and warm. Yep—hospitals are a bit expensive too!

Paris Metro Line Map

For times when you can’t physically walk it to someplace, pick it at the airport and keep it safe.

Small binoculars and flashlight

Don’t laugh, you’ll need the bino’s at the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, the sky-scape is beyond gorgeous and there’s tons of nitty-gritties to see. The flashlight is a real lifesaver if you plan on venturing into the Catacombs (hell yes don’t miss these) or the Quai Branly Museum.There’s tons of other things you may want to always have with you, but this is the ultimate cheat sheet. You’ll get by cheap, eat, drink, and make merry and have enough to splurge in case you find something amazing.

Have another destination that you’d like us to make a packing list for? Tell us in the comments or Tweet to us or tell on Facebook or Instagram!

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