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Parenting In The Cyber Age!


If you are a parent with young kids, this one is for you. At some point in time, and I am assuming that the vice has crept in already; your kids are going to be exposed in a full blown manner to technology.

We in fact hand over our smart phones or I pads to them to keep them busy for a while so that we can get work done for ourselves.

Technology isn’t bad completely it does educate and teach a lot of good too, but there is a lot of stuff online that is easily accessible to kids and can impact them negatively.

We need to work on ensuring that our children are not exposed to the evils of the World Wide Web.

You can limit screen time but you cannot put a complete ban on it. Embargos will be adhered to till your kids are of a certain age but once they have devices of their own, it becomes very difficult to keep a track of how and what they do on the internet.


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Apart from setting ground rules for your kids, you need to make them aware of what to stay away from. Cyber bullying is becoming a real threat to kids these days. Make sure your children report any untoward or inappropriate online incident to you. Teach them not to share any personal information with anyone over the internet.  Keep your children away from social media till they are mature enough. Also ensure that they share their passwords and account information with you. Keep a tab on the browsers and install parental controls on the browsers.

Menacing games, the likes of Blue Whale are also a cause of worry, teach your children not to fall into any such trap.

If you plan to gift your child their own device such as a laptop, sit down and have a heart to heart with them, teach them to distinguish between the good and the bad on the web.


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