13 Jan

Packing The Essentials For A Winter Trek In Ladakh


Brave are the ones who venture out for a trip to Ladakh in the biting cold winter.

It may seem like a massive avalanche of effort to generate some heat in an otherwise ruthlessly cold environment, but with the right gear you could be beating the cold and how!


Image Source: Raven Moore

1. Ice Pick

Playing obstacle race with ice isn’t the best idea of a holiday but if you have a handy tool with you, the load becomes much lighter. An ice pick makes your walk so much easier because you can chip the block and what more? Think of it like you’re making a path for yourself.

2. Gumboot

You wouldn’t want to be caught with your feet frozen or get them wet when the ice melts. Carry a strong pair of gumboots that’ll carry you through the weather.

3. Swiss Army Knife

Whether to cut a rope or even a sturdy packet, your hands may turn numb and useless. A sturdy Swiss knife always comes to the rescue.

4. Backpack

At 9000 feet, you need a backpack that will keep your accessories, dry food, clothing and sleeping gear safe like a baby.

Carry this strong rucksack that has compartments to help you find what you want easily.

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Choose from over more then 200 bags for your Trek

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