20 Nov

Packing List For Elopement


Thinking of eloping? Do people still elope these days? Do young girls defy ‘maan, maryada’ and rage against the machine as they did a decade or two ago? Do boys still indulge in good old-fashioned ‘agyaka ulanghan’?

The answer is yes and no. While a lot of us have moved out of small cities and taken new lives in cities that aren’t exactly home, some of us are still bound by the powers that be: El Parents.

But we’ve all seen those inseparable couples that don’t care so much for what the ‘zamana’ has to say. Ther own love for each other triumphs all. Which is precisely how it should be, right?

So are you planning on eloping anytime soon? You’ll hopefully find a court before an EktaKapoor serial mandir, but you’ll need bags. Not too many though, your chasing parents will be swift like the wind.

Let’s start!


You’re going to need everything that yours by law. Credit cards, debit cards, insurance policies, bank account details, and obviously every legit ID that proves who you are. Safely file all of it and pack it with a lock. There’s some beautiful folders with numbered locks on them. Before anything—this goes in! (P.S—If you have joint accounts with your folks and you contributed to it, feel free to empty it :D)

Minimal jewelry

If it wasn’t for that De Beers ad back in 1938 (yep people didn’t go on their knees before that, and Indians never did anyway!) we’d just be talking about basic mangulsutras and bangles. But you don’t want to empty mummy’s tijori really. Take the choicest best of your collection. (P.S-If you were a smart cookie you’d have converted the heavy robbery-friendly stuff to gold ETFs already).

 The Wedding Day Clothes

Please don’t be like some of those couples who walk to Westside to pick their wedding outfit. There’s nicer (and cheaper) Indian wear just outside your neighborhood railway station. Marriage usually happens just once, and while we agree that it’s not an achievement (Facebook friends disagrees)—it is special. So pick something nice, something memorable. It’ll make for neat reminder when you find it under layers of dust a few years later.


Image Source: strands of India

Medicine kit

Don’t want to fall violently ill on the wedding night. Who knows where you’re eloping off to anyway (no running away to the nearby 3 star hotel doesn’t count as real eloping).

Honeymoon Essentials

Stick to the Bollywood script and run off to your honeymoon immediately after getting married. Thus fulfilling a breezy Act 1 to the movie of your life, only to return to murderous/mildly disgruntled parents in Act 2. So pack for everything you need for it (no buying stuff when you reach there). As a fresh couple, you’ll want to save cash—so pack light, check out destinations less traveled. And remember to not post any pictures on Instagram while you’re there.


Image Source: Boston Magazine

So try to have fun yeah, this is still a wedding—and you can always call in a few friends. But they’ll inadvertently snapchat something to your mother while you sign the dottedline. So be careful—and best of luck for the new life.

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