20 Nov

Packing Hacks 101!


Whether you are going for a short weekend break or a long vacation…whether you are travelling solo or with family in tow….the most tedious and traumatizing part for a lot of us is the packing.

What to keep, what not to keep, how much to keep and how to keep. Packing is surely an art and can give a lot of us sleepless nights!!

Here are some pro tips on how to ease this task out and have a smoother vacation!

1. To begin with make a list. Indispensible. You need to jot down everything you could possibly need before you head out and then eliminate the unecessaries from there.

2. Use packing cubes to keep your clothes and other things organized in your bag. This will save you from rummaging around and messing up the whole bag.

3. Roll you clothes instead of folding them. Rolling is space saving and compact. Also use dead spaces in the corners and between clothes to stuff items such as socks or scarves.


Image Source: imove.com

4. Use a vacuum packer when you are going to a destination that requires you to carry heavy woollens. This will compress the size of your sweaters to less than half and save space.

5. Keep your electronics, gadgets, medications, loose accessories in separate zip locks with labels.

6. Clingwrap your shampoo and lotion bottles to avoid spillage and leakage.

7. Don’t pack heavy books. Invest in e-books. Lightweight and can hold more books than you could have carried.

8. If you are travelling as a family, cross pack. This will ensure that you atleast have something to wear incase your suitcase is lost in transit!

9. Always keep a few basics – clothes, medicines, snacks, battery backup, in your carry on luggage.

10. Bring versatile clothing and accessories that you can mix and match to create new looks.

11. Invest in lightweight luggage. Don’t let the weight of the bag eat up on your allotted baggage allowance.

This bag by American Tourister is the perfect size and weight to take on a long haul.


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