8 Dec

Ophiuchus – The Mysterious 13th Star Sign!


Are you born between November 29th and December 17th? Well then you would assume that your star sign is Sagittarius. The again you haven’t ever matched the traits of a Sagittarian completely have you?  That is probably because you aren’t one!

NASA announced the existence of a thirteenth sun sign a few years back. It’s known as Ophiuchus. In fact our ancient Vedic astrology always believed in the 13 sign system, so it is not a new entrant.

For those following the traditional Babylonian system of astrology it’s time to re-evaluate your sun signs!!

The sign Ophiuchus is represented by the sign of a woman snake handler. Since the sign falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius, so does its traits.

Ophiuchi’s are rebels; they do not like to follow authority. They pave their own way. Success comes easily to them since luck is always on their side.

With a flamboyant sense of style and an eye for whacky colours, others find these people very desirable.

These mysterious ones are very passionate about what they do and who they love. This can take a turn into possessiveness too, so watch out!! Ophiuchus is not one to be played around with. They can bring you down in a second and destroy you!!

Mysterious apart, this sign is mystical too. Natural empaths and healers, they are drawn towards occult like a fish is towards water.

Some famous Ophiuchi’s are Jay Z, Jim Morrison, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill and even Nostradamus! Wonder if he predicted this one for himself!!

Their lucky colour is Purple. Wait no more, think it’s time to celebrate this new entrant of a sun sign!


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