20 Jan

Old Is Gold – How To Recycle Your Heirlooms


That white kanjeevaram saree or the really old antique grandfather clock – the best gifts are not the ones that can be shopped with just a click on some site, but the ones that are passed down through ages – wrapped in love and blessings.

While a lot of them may have no use now, here’s how you can put them to optimum use and still stay in style.

1. Special occasions

Look no more when you’re searching for the perfect outfit for a cousin or an aunt’s wedding. There is a special kind of fulfillment that you achieve when you receive compliments on how you look exactly like your mother or grandmother, draped in their sarees.

2. Living room décor

On the mantelpiece or a shelf, your living room will get a classy makeover with the addition of an antique piece.

3. Wedding rings

Even when love is everlasting, its expression needs to be timeless. Northing says forever louder than presenting your betrothed with your family heirloom with a ring or any other jewelry.

Create your own heirloom with this elegant bag that you can pass down to generations who would proudly showcase the same.

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