18 Sep

Oh Lala! The Parisian Way To Dress!


The French women are an enigma to us! Whatever they throw on becomes the flavour of the season!

The fashion world swears by their casual nonchalance when it comes to style!

Here are some rules for you to live by if you want to be ever so stylish like these ladies:

Develop your own style

Stick to a few ground rules, certain aesthetics that you hold as your holy grail of fashion and develop on that. If a certain colour palate suits your skin tone, let that be your go to always. If a particular cut or fit doesn’t suit your body type, never think of revisiting it, get the drift? 

Own Classics

Identify trends that are in for the long haul and stock your closet accordingly. Always have certain standards in your closet such as a LBD, classic blue denim and a crisp white shirt, a great jacket etc. Parisians don’t get swayed by everyday trends; they make the classics look cool.

Get the fit

Wear clothes that flatter your body. It doesn’t have to be in style, if it hugs your body in all the right places and makes you look good, it automatically becomes in style! Nothing to steal your thunder like a frumpy outfit!

Neutral Colours

French women love their whites, blacks, beiges and browns! It’s hard to make a fashion faux pas if you stick to this palate. They build up from there by adding a pop of colour in the form of a scarf, shoes or even a bag!


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