1 Jan

New Year – Time To Turn Into A New Leaf?


If you had one chance to make the changes you always wanted to, one shot at re-scripting all the things that have been going wrong, would it be on the last day of this year?

Yes, we all look for a clean slate, to pull the brakes and begin our journey again or just wind down a completely new road we’ve carved for ourselves.


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But why can’t we make the same changes on any other day? Why do we have to wait for that one particular day when the entire population is revisiting the decisions they’ve taken to stop themselves from making the same mistakes again?

What stops us from becoming better human beings right in the middle of the year? Why does smoking need to be stopped on a winter night and not a spring day? Why is hitting the gym left only for the month of January and then forgotten for the rest of the months?

If you really think about it, what you want to do is only done when it’s now or never. So, here’s wishing you a brilliant new year that is filled with more activities that you start and maintain all throughout the year and for many more to come.

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