31 Dec

New Year – Is It Overhyped?


Crazy late night parties and extreme hangovers  – are New Year parties just an excuse to wind down after a year full of ups and down and emotional upheavals?

It’s said that living is not easy.  Maybe all we need is a break from the constant planning, modifications, improvisations and ramifications that the cycle of life brings about.

Sometimes, it starts to feel like clockwork. And to tear yourself from it, you need a clean slate.

The first thing that a New Year brings about is the opportunity to start afresh. Making New Year resolutions is not a useless tradition; it is what gives new hope that humanity always needs.

It gives one the chance to be with their special people on a day that brings about the dawn of new hope. Almost like a chance to get things right all over again.

We may carry our mistakes all our lives but here’s our chance to make amends because sometimes, we forget to retrospect. New Year brings you to that point in your life when you not just look back but also look ahead. Fresher and bolder.


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