11 Dec

New Age Wellness Ideologies!


Every year comes with its own new fads and trends. Innovative approaches to health, fitness, diet, mental health, and lifestyle and so on are brought out and passed around.

2017 saw the birth and revival of a few trends too. Some are here to stick around and some will pass as the wind shifts its direction. It’s the ideology behind the trends though that keeps circulating in different forms or another.

In light of the same, here is my pick of the top three ideologies that went big in 2017 and are hopefully here to stay!


Booze and drugs and partying hard were they ways of the past. The 80’s, the 90’s and even the 2000’s have done it enough. Now, the trend is to consciously shift away from substances and the influence they have on you. Alcohol and drugs mask the true you. It does not allow you to be raw and vulnerable. Now it is all about knowing who you are and what you are truly made of, for that you need to shed and discard anything that isn’t allowing you from being your authentic self.


The power and value of silence has never seen more importance than in today’s day and age of chaos and ruckus. True silence leads to mindfulness, creativity, productivity and real connection. From silent bars, pubs and discotheques to silent spas, it’s catching on pretty quick. There are silent zones in public places too like restaurants and airports. In fact the pace at which our world is accelerating, silence is going to become a luxurious necessity!


This trend is on its way to become the zeitgeist of this generation, so watch out! What started out as a means to organize your way of life- an upscale from the concept of de-cluttering, it has now morphed into a lifestyle and fashion concept amongst other things! Simplicity of designs, living with just the bare minimum, eating clean and fuss free, wearing monochromatic clothes – it all finds its roots back to the concept of minimalism.

Embrace the concept of minimalism while accessorizing too. Clean lines, single colours and simple designs are the classiest and chic-est.


Take a look at this stripe tote bag.

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