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My Summer Packing Guide!!

My Ultimate Summer Holiday Packing List

It is my favourite season all over again!! The one season where my diet goes for a toss, I mean mangoes……. come on people!! Summer also means holidays, my time off from work and some lazy me time…

Booking air tickets, that lovely resort, looking forward to some awesome Insta worthy moments, but what gets me every time is the packing and the unpacking!!


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To take care of that blip in the pic, I’ve put together a list for myself. Here is my packing guide to a fantabulous summer vacay!


First up check the weather at your destination for all the days that you are going to be there. Pack accordingly. Unless I am travelling to a hill station, my staples are a kaftan dress which is loose and airy and can be accessorized to look stylish enough too. A few simple tee shirts that can be teemed with any bottom.  A pair of shorts or two. Swimsuit of course, you may not be heading to a beach town but your resort will have a pool for sure! A comfy pair of pajamas to curl up in and laze around!


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Now no use in packing your Jimmy Choos unless your destination is ultra luxe. First up a pair of cute flip flops that you could wear inside your resort as well as outside. A good pair of walking shoes in case you plan to sightsee on foot or trek and hike. For dressy purposes I would recommend smart flats or even gladiator sandals, comfortable as well as stylish.


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A pair of sunglasses or two, if you own a good collection, now is the time to flaunt it! If the place is sunny then a nice floppy hat, a scarf in case you head out to do some shopping and a sarong if you lounge by the pool. Some nice earrings and necklaces matched to your outfits, so that you can jazz up those simple tees that you brought along.


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Carry a nice tote for beach or pool purposes. Do also carry a small clutch if you decide to go out for dinner to a nice fancy place. If you have sightseeing and all to do, then either a sling bag take you can take cross bodied or a backpack.

The Bubblegum Machine Bag can double up as a drawstring bag for a night out or a sling for the day in the town!

Bubblegum Machine Blue (2)

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First rule, unless you swear by some specific products, avoid lugging around items you will get at the hotel or resort. Toothbrushes and pastes are provided for so those aren’t my headache. Some places provide with high end, branded and suitable to all, body washes and shampoos. If you can manage with those then leave yours back home. Carry your sunscreen for sure, first aid essentials, bug repellent and deodorant for sure.


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Make up

Again carry your essentials. You aren’t going to a vacay to pan up. A good BB cream as a base, some face powder, kajal, mascara, blush, a basic eye shadow kit and a lipper or two. Carry a lip balm with SPF for your pool lounge sessions.

Make up kit

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Other random things

My music downloaded in my device, books in the other one, a portable charger, my passport and tickets, my ID’s and I guess that’s it! I’m good to go!!!  To stash all my immediate essentials that I might need at the airport or on the way, I always prefer carrying them in my Urban Sahara backpack!

Urban Sahara1

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