12 May

My Leading Women!!


This Mothers Day, I want to tell the two most special mothers in my life that they mean the world to me – My own Mom and my wife.

I grew up in a complete Army household. My father was an officer with the Indian Army. He used to be away a lot and my mother is the one who managed the front at home.

If there is a different class of women out there, it’s the army wives. Silently holding the fort when the men are away.

They are beautiful, resilient, elegant and very strong from the core. They have the amazing capability of adapting to any situation. I have seen my mother being my father’s rock, the silent support from behind the veil. Taking care of us in dad’s absence, knowing that the Army and the Nation are above everything.


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We moved a lot in our childhood due to my father’s various postings. constantly packing and repacking, my mother was the one who took care of it all and ensured that we settled in well into the new environment, she was the one getting our admissions done, handling the bank work, setting up the new house, you name it and it was a part of her job. Not once did I hear my mother complain or whine, she took it all in her stride and with great pride and pleasure played her part.

She was and is a gracious host. As in the Army, there are various social do’s that happen and army moms/wives end up becoming super cooks in the process, my mother is no exception, ma ke haath ka khaana is heaven for me!! My mother is for sure a class apart and I am what I am because of her. Thank you Ma for everything!

feeding baby

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The other woman who defines me is my wife. We met because we just had to. A chance meeting that culminated into a partnership for a lifetime. There is such a thing called destiny and fate! We are from different parts of the world, and yet we share the same culture, heritage and values.


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She has grown up all over but her core is so grounded and she is very down to earth. What she saw in me is something only she can answer, and she had no idea that I was a celebrity in India, so I know that she chose me for the real me, and not who I portrayed to be, and for that I am grateful to her.


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I saw a new side of her when she became a mother. I did have nine months to wrap my head around the whole fatherhood deal. I wasn’t there throughout the pregnancy, when work demanded attention I had to leave. Yet, I’ve been through the journey in most parts, the cravings, the tantrums, the hormonal changes, all of it.

I know that the men today like to say “we are pregnant!” but seriously, you don’t know the half of what your woman goes through, it is actually a solitary experience, all you can do is be the constant source of support to her.


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The day my daughter was born, I felt like there was nothing more beautiful in the universe, I achieved it all. That is why I named her Kainaat. I am truly in awe of Priyanka. I see her now traverse through the journey of motherhood and handling it all so beautifully and I couldn’t be more humbled and at the same time proud of her. A man just couldn’t get luckier!!


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So here is wishing both my beautiful Ma and wifey a very very Happy Mother’s Day! You have no idea how much joy you bring to everyone around you. Continue being our sunshine!


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