19 Nov

Music Fest Fashion Quotient!


A nip in the air, amongst a lot of other things it also means that all the gigs and music fests have arrived for the season! It’s time to rock and roll!!

Apart from all the awesome music and great outdoor party scene, these fests are hubs for fashion!

Everyone has their style on display and flaunts it outrageously! Don’t get left behind, here are tips to ace the look at these funky events!

1. First up, like mentioned, maintain your own styleYou don’t have to be or emulate someone else to look hip. Be comfortable in what you wear and then push it to the next level. Experiment with colours, with accessories, with makeup, with your hair and come up with something that gives you the extra oomph!!

2. Even though you plan to go that extra mile with your look, don’t go OTT! Stick to making a few changes to your look else your look won’t be defined, it will end up being a jumble of sorts! One statement piece is all it needs to turn heads! Also no one cares about flaunting brands here, so don’t bother!

3. TBH music fests give out that boho vibe. All floaty and airy…teaming loose shrugs with shorts, or skirts with crop tops. Hairdo’s are open and messy, accessories are very flower power kinds. In short be classy but don’t worry too much about being prim and proper with your look!

4. Being boho also means that the one style that has been spotted forever at all and every music fests are fringes. Be it on a top, a jacket or even boots! It’s quite the staple at such events!

How about carrying a fringed sling bag and getting with it at the next gig that you attend!!


Check out this Sierra from AHR

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