7 Nov

Movies To Watch With Your Kids!


This Children’s Day take the day off and spend it with your kids!

You might not be in the mood for hectic activities so why not relax, make a ton of popcorn and sit back and watch some great movies with your kids!

There are enough movies that are made for kids these days, you could choose from any of the great animations, or you could introduce your children to some classics that you cherished as a child.

Here is a list to give you a head start:

Mary Poppins

 A story about a magical nanny who enters the lives of a brother sister duo and not only changes it for the better but changes things for their parents too!

Sound of Music

One of the most iconic musicals ever made. The true story of the Von Trapp Children and their governess. Some memorable songs and beautiful locales will keep your child hooked onto this one.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

 Roald Dahls most captivating story about how a group of children get to visit the most coveted and secretive chocolate factory! The visuals of the chocolate factory are enough to make you and your kids salivate!!

An Incredible Journey

When their family goes on vacation, the three pets of the family think that they have been left behind and set off on an epic adventure to reunite with their owners.

The Wizard of Oz

 When a girl from Kansas gets caught in a tornado, she lands up in a magical world and meets the most incredible mates who accompany her through her journey in the Land of Oz .

E.T. : Spielberg’s classic tale about the friendship a human boy and an alien strike up.

Bound to teach your child a lesson or two in friendship, this one is a must watch!


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