21 Jul

Monsoon Vacationing And Safety!

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Monsoons are a lovely time to travel. It’s green and lush all over the country and you are spoilt for choice! The hills are misty and foliage is blooming all over. The beaches are gray and melancholic and there is something so mysterious about the ocean at this point of the year. Dangerous and alluring at the same time.

A lot of vacationers use this time, since it is off season, to visit their favorite destinations. Kerala, Goa or even Lonavla and Khandala are beautiful at this time of the year. Nevertheless, one has to be careful and keep certain precautions in mind while traveling during the rainy season.

Here are my tips to keep safe while vacationing in the rains:


Carry a small foldable umbrella in your bag. That should usually help with the sudden downpours in case you are walking around. They don’t take up much space and are relatively cheap.

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Wear closed waterproof shoes to keep your feet clean.  You could wear gum boots but in the Indian weather, they tend to make your feet sweat. You could also wear rough and tough all weather boots which can withstand harsh weather conditions. The only thing would be to maintain it. So clean it with a brush once you step back in from the rain. Avoid open toes shoes as they dirty your feet and expose them to diseases. Even sneakers and canvas shoes are a bad idea since they take a long time to dry.

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Light cotton clothes or comfortable synthetic clothes that can dry off if you get wet.  Don’t wear light colored clothes as those tend to get stained quickly. Shorts are a great option so are three fourth lengthed pants. Keep a waterproof jacket on you for sure incase you head outside or go for a trek. A windcheater is a perfect solution. Keep a warm one in case you traveling to a place that tends to get colder in the rains.


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A waterproof, light bag is recommended. While traveling, stick to luggage that has a plastic coating or is made of hard plastic so that the contents don’t get spoilt. Keep your electronics in a plastic case these days you get small pouches to stash immediate essentials such as cash, passport, wallet, phone etc. These waterproof pouches can fit into your fanny pack or purse.

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Mosquito Repellent or Nets

Monsoons are synonymous with mosquitoes. It’s best to take prevention since mosquito bites can cause a range of sickness. Diseases such as malaria and dengue are very dangerous, particularly during monsoon. Keep mosquito repellent on you at all times and also if possible, use a mosquito net while sleeping.


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Vaccinations and Medicines

It’s best to get preventive vaccinations for illnesses such as cholera and typhoid before you head out for a vacation to a new destination. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Measles, and tetanus, are needs to be up-to-date. Keep your immediate medicines and first aid at hand when traveling.

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Food and Water

Be careful of the food and water that you consume. Stick to mineral bottled water at all times if you are doubtful of the source of water. Water borne infections are also at an all time high during this time. Food tends to get spoiled faster during the monsoons and if hygiene is not maintained then again chances of contracting something are high. Stick to packaged food as much as possible and eat only from established and neat eateries. Don’t experiment with food and especially non-vegetarian food during this season. Avoid eating street food and roadside snacks altogether.


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