11 Jul

Monsoon Fashion!


The rainy season really pulls a dull one on us! At times the rain plays hide and seek and you are confused as to what to wear in this weather. Should you dress with the anticipation of getting drenched completely or is it ok to dress a little better and hope to be indoors before the showers catch you!

Even if you feel like taking out the shabbiest lot in the wardrobe for this season, my advice would be, take it easy. Just because the weather threatens to take over your style, doesn’t mean you should give in. There are ways around the gloom to look fresh and bright as a petal!


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Here are my tips on what to wear this monsoon to keep the fashionista in you burning bright!


Long trousers are a no-no. If you have to wear one to work, try out ankle length trousers. In fact, they fall better and look smarter on any body type and the bottom doesn’t end up getting muddy and dirty either. Avoid trousers in light colours and fabrics such as linen and cotton. Try rayon or rayon cotton mixes since they dry up a little more easily in this weather.



Yep, I say anything above the knee is a best friend! Mini, midi, pencil, flared anything but long will do. Team it up with a nice bright floral crop top if you are going casual or a dark shirt or even a dark coloured round neck tee or stripes for office.


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Short dresses or even maxis that end above the ankle are a great option. Your fabric of choice should be chiffon. Light, airy and easy to dry out. They make style look effortless. Florals and bright colours are the way to go in this dull weather.



The best thing to wear in this weather. Not an office option, unless you wear it during the commute and then hurriedly change in the office bathroom! For every other purpose, make them your staple. You could team up casual tees for a day look and wear smarter snazzier hot pants with dressy tops for an evening out without the fear of ruining your chicness!


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No leather for sure and avoid heels. Flats are your staple for now. There are so many options in flats, closed pumps, open sandals, maybe one with a little wedge also can be given a shot. The material should be waterproof. PU is a good option. Look out for metallic options, they suit any look and stand out in the greyness.


Image Source: fashiontoday.com

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