27 Jul

Monsoon And Haircare!

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Not only do the monsoons affect your moods and your demeanor. It definitely has an impact on your skin and on your hair as well.

Splashing and prancing in the rains are all fun and games but when the tresses start getting affected, it is a nightmare. Summer was bad as it is for your hair, the monsoon brings along its own woes.

The humidity in the air translates into a lot of hair loss, frizz and dandruff too. Dullness and dryness from the summer months follow suit. You might just want to chop off your locks or even change the color. But is it the wisest idea?


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Read on to know the consequences of certain treatments for your hair:


Try and refrain from drying your hair artificially. We tend to straighten or blow dry our hair to make them look more presentable or manageable. During monsoons that should be avoided. Such heat robs away the natural moisture and oils and makes the hair brittle and dry. Try and stick to your natural texture, embrace it. You over dry your hair and then the roots secrete more oil and that tends to get them stickier and very dull. Air drying is the best option for monsoons.


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Colouring your hair

If you feel that your hair color is the same old and you want to do something to change the look without chopping too much off, you think of color. Hair color will not be the best option in the monsoons though. The rains damage your colored hair. You need to use color protecting shampoo. If you do decide to color be careful and provide nutrition to your hair. Try out colors that are bright and right for the gray weather such as a streak of pink or purple or even red. Rainbow hair is another trend that is high these days. Do it if you can carry it off.


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Eat Well

Your diet matters a lot when it comes to your tresses. Food rich in omega 3 fatty acids is a must. Ear nuts such as walnuts and almonds, eat salmon and other oily fish.Vitamin E is another essential nutrient needed in your diet. They make the hair stronger and increase hair growth.

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Oiling and deep conditioning

The most common, oldest and cheapest form of getting your hair back on track in oiling. Coconut oil is the safest oil to use on all hair types. Castor Oil promotes growth since it contains acids that increase the blood circulation in the scalp. Almond oil is another good option that has vitamin E to nourish the hair. The other thing you shouldn’t skip out on is conditioning. Apply your conditioner from tip to the mid length of the hair and wrap a warm towel around it. Wash it after five minutes and you will have soft, frizz free, repaired ends.


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Try and maintain some of these habits, they will go a long way in keeping your tresses on track.

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