11 Sep

Millennial Unplugged


Life for a Millenial is difficult for sure!

Born in the 80’s and 90’s, they have the weight and expectations of the world on their shoulders!

Work-life balance is something that they strive for constantly and this is how they unwind and unplug when life gets a bit too much

Going Incognito

A lot of people work hard all year to save up a good 4 to 6 weeks of vacation time and travel extensively. They get in touch with other people, cultures and customs and get enriched. In the process they are out of touch with their own reality back home…just what they want!

Weekend Bingewatch

Another way to lose yourself in another world for atleast the weekend – bingewatch a show and get consumed by it! GOT, Breaking Bad or Narcos, whatever be your poison!

Connecting with the inner self

Trying their hand at meditation, yoga, alternative healing courses and even writing Haiku’s. The profound realisation that nothing in this world will be in balance unless you know your true self has finally hit home!

Adventure Sports

No better high to take your mind off everything than that adrenaline rush! Bungee jumping, shark diving, scuba diving, quad biking, mogul skiing…name an adventure sport and it’s either been ticked off or on the bucket list! Millenials have a lotta guts, guess it’s the zindagi na milegi dobara attitude that keeps them going!!

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