18 Nov

#MeToo…. You Aren’t Alone..


In the wake of a number of female celebrities alleging sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein, a producer and co founder of Miramax, the hashtag #MeToo went viral on social media.

Women of all ages, caste, creed and strata of society came forward to denounce sexual harassment and create a solidarity online for women to stand up to misogyny and chauvinism.

Every woman, at some point in time has been sexually intimidated by a man. The power dynamics between both the genders is continuously exploited in a sexual manner to assert male supremacy, it is high time that this stops. By now this hash tag has been used more than a multiple million times on social media, it just goes to show that sexual harassment, physical or mental, actually exists on a pandemic level. This campaign is not a gimmick, it is not a fashion statement, and it has taken off because the problem is real. Too many women have kept quiet for too long.

This movement is a catharsis of sorts. The unburdening and knowing that you are not alone, you never have been, has given women the strength to fight against this evil. This movement also aims to bring about introspection amongst the men. They might have been indifferent so far, but when women they know come out from their dark abyss to share horrifying stories, it does stir their conscience.

This battle is not feminist, it is humanist. Both men and women have to take matters in their hand, a shift in attitude and the courage to speak up might just be the change that we require.

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