13 Dec

Men And Their Tattoo Obsession!


At one point in time tattoos were associated with bikers, sailors, rock stars and punks. That is not the case anymore.

Everyone from hunky men to dainty girls are getting inked. Yet, men are more pro tattoo than women for a host of reasons.


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Men have an affinity towards this form of body art since it gives them an adrenaline high. There is an excitement to the pain that is caused while getting a tattoo and this translates into the body pumping adrenaline to give the person a heady rush. Apart from that, the body also releases endorphins to counter the pain, and therefore the body in its own weird way makes this painful experience pleasurable.

For some men getting a tattoo is a means to attract attention. To seek some sort of recognition, but for others it is a more personal and inwards journey.  The tattoo is a form of expression. Things that they cannot put in words – written or spoken, are communicated through the tattoo. A tattoo is an etching on your skin that will remain forever and a lot of people consider it as an anchor in their life, since it is the only permanent thing that they can hold onto.

Today there is such a variety and choice is the way you can get yourself tattooed. From tiny, small minimalistic designs to geometric patterns and even water colour effect tattoos that are simply gorgeous! There is no better time than now to get yourself inked!


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