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Making Friends In College!


The excitement to go away to college is overwhelming. The newness of everything takes time to absorb. New courses, new living arrangements, a new city at times and of course, new friends. It’s a rarity that someone from back home is a part of our new life at college.

Everyone is going to tell you that college is a great place to start afresh, find your type of people and make new friends, but that usually becomes difficult since we aren’t all alike and some of us are shy as well as awkward.


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Here are some tips to ace through to making great friends during your college years; hopefully you won’t need to try out all of them!!

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1. Initially, make an effort to speak to everyone you meet. Speak to your bench mate in class, the person you sit across from in the library, and definitely try and bond with the people you go into orientation with. It’s proven that you usually remain friends with the first people you bond with at college since the initial experience of entering and trying to make your place and space is a shared experience.


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2. Join a club. There are many cultural activities that the university encourages. Dance, music, drama, sports there are so many things on campus that you can get involved in. These clubs help like-minded people come together and further a common interest. So, therefore, you will definitely end up meeting people who you will form lasting bonds with.


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3. Get a job on campus or off campus, somewhere near college, this will expand your circle and help you meet people from other streams and other colleges as well. It always helps to know people in and around.


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4. Do your homework or assignments at the local coffee shop. Who knows someone might need your help or you will meet the perfect project partner while at it. A great place to bond and meet like minded people!

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5. Go to events that are hosted on and off campus. Keep a track of what is happening in and around and whenever something piques your interest make it a point to attend it. There are various music fests, debate sessions, quiz sessions etc that are hosted on a regular basis. Again a great start to meet people with shared interests and ideas.


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Like I said, hopefully, one of these ideas shall work out for you and before you know it, you have your own little support system for yourself in college!

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