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Makeup Trends For 2017!

Makeup trends 2017

It is halfway through 2017 and we need to take a look at what fashion and makeup trends are doing the rounds this year.

Some are a carry forward of the earlier years and some discarded. Retro trends that have been revived and adopted to fresher looks.

Certain styles are innovative and some are crazy, take your pick since your routine needs a break too. Infuse some freshness into your makeup regime and surprise yourself and those around you with a new look.

Here is a list of how the fashionistas are getting their make up A game on!


Less is more. Let your skin breathe. It’s all about keeping your skin clear and bare. The biggies of the fashion world are embracing the “no make-up” look. Alicia Keys is quite a proponent of the look and we are digging it! In fact the guru of makeup – Kim Kardashian West was spotted sitting in the front row of a fashion show sans makeup!! Who are we to argue, the lesser we gotta do, the better! A little touch up here and there and we are good to go!


Image Source: thecut.com


Matte is out. Passe, last year, probably the year before that! Now it’s all about glossy lips. Gloss gives your lips a depth and dimension and is more youthful. Probably the only exception to the rule is red lips, which will never go out of style and let no one tell you otherwise!

Glosyy lipstick

Image Source: about-face-and-fashion..com


Yes, glossy lips it is, but it seems the fall/winter season predicts lips to go a little bolder. Glitter bold! To give the lips some dimension, either two tone colours or ombre and glittered majorly. Not only lips, glitter for the eyes as well. Eyeshadows have been worked around with, this time, it’s the lower lash line that gets a streak of glitter and let the casual flecks of glitter sit on your cheek! A little messy it seems is perfect for the look.


Image Source: indiatvnews.com

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Blush a little more. Subtlety gets thrown out of the door. Heavy handed is the way to go. Brush strong colours from cheeks all the way up to the temples. Loud colours on the cheek, maybe even use a lipstick, whatever creates the dramatic effect. Since metallic and glitter is the way to go, dab it on as a highlighter.


Image Source: Danielle Clarke

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Suede Sling bag

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Brows are to be left as they are. Clean and natural. Don’t tamper. This trend has been carried forward from last year. Don’t thin it out or arch it too much. Let them frame your face the way they were meant to, just clear up the extras to even them out.


Image Source: shammil.com

The Eighties

Yep, the look from the 80’s is back. So that’s why we are going metallic, blingy and glittered. Loud colours on the eyes and cheeks. Big hair. Straightened hair is a thing of the past. Leave your hair au naturale. Crimp them, curl them or let them loose and beachy. Sea salt spray be your best pal. Bed head is a thing so relax with all the fussing and let your hair have a personality of their own. In terms of hairstyles, schoolgirl plaits are a thing!

images (2)

Image Source: stylenoted.com


Again, cat eyes and winged eyes looked pretty but so damn difficult to draw up! Now it’s all about lining your inner waterline and smudging. Simple eyes. Or you could draw a thin line on top of the lids and line the inner waterline halfway. Again keeping in line with the minimalistic and simple look since this season it’s your cheeks and eye shadow game that is in focus. In short dont be a raccoon!

images (3)

Image Source: bestylish.com

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So that was a roundup of what you could do this season around. Take your pick and go get pretty!!!

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