15 Sep

Make Up On-The-Go For Every Occasion!


All of us have a small pouch in our handbag that has our essential makeup.

It is a must have, yet every situation demands a different product and you cannot carry the same items hoping that they suit all purposes.

So to make life a bit easy, here is a guide on what essential make up to carry for which situation!

College/Morning Classes

For the early birds it is recommended that you keep your face fresh and clean. A simple coverage, kohl and lipper will do the trick. In fact for mornings you need nothing more than a simple tinted lip balm to keep you company!


We step out with a neutral but effective face for office. Decent coverage and concealing, eyes and lips in earthy tones and a blush to give a healthy look. For on the go, keep a bb/cc cream at hand, since long hours might require touch ups, a face powder for sure, kohl for the eyes and a nice neutral shade of lipstick with a lip liner.

Afternoon Get-togethers

Could be a lunch with friends or a date with someone special. Dewy look in pinks and peaches is the palate to choose. Keep a nice shimmery gloss instead of a lipper, keep your kajal on you and your face powder to refresh your look.

Night out/Party

When out for the night it’s time to go the whole hog. Prepped up eyes, bronzed cheeks and the preferred lip colour which is usually a darker shade. Do keep your lipstick for retouches and also a gloss to glam up the look, a compact to ensure that your make up stays in place, keep a mascara and kajal handy too, if you have the space, throw in a highlighter!

Keep a trustworthy make up pouch in your bag always which can house your essentials. Pick up one from our collection at TheBagtalk!

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