13 Dec

Love At First Sight? No Way!


Is love at first sight possible? No right? Today the folks at TheBagTalk are a bit philosophical.

When it comes to bags, boys, girls, cities, places, smells, tastes, books, and pretty much anything you can experience—there’s a moment that makes you think—woah that’s the best thing I’ve ever experience!

When you go back to it, not the same story, eh?

That boy you met for drinks last week, he’s suddenly repeating his jokes. That restaurant that made the best chicken tikka ever, now it’s adding a little too much tomato in the gravy. And yes, sometimes even that bag that looked like it would slay every path you walked—suddenly miaows weakly when struggling with rush hour trains.

We decided to call four random people and let’s call them X,Y,Z, and O. We asked them the same question. Is love at first sight possible, if yes—how?

Mr X said: “I think it’s scientific, just hormones. Once I’ve experienced something, my muscle memory has filed it in my system, so my happiness hormones don’t release in the same way as they did the first time,”
We should let our readers know that Mr X has never had a girlfriend.

Ms Y said, “Of course it is, but I think it’s something you work towards—everyday of your life, love is a part of who you are. You must choose to say I Love You, to everything you see and experience. That way everything can be love at first sight,”pexels-photo-41073
Ms Y is currently filing a complaint against a bus conductor who seems to want her phone number after she greeted him lovingly.

Z is an object (a bag of course) and they’re pretty straightforward, “Buy me, buy me, buy me, you know you want to, buy me, buy me, you love me at first sight,”

Z is currently posing for their #ootd debut with a beautiful girl on her Instagram, and hopes to be as popular as Bagwati one day.

O did not want to be named, identified, or otherwise contacted (because they don’t want to receive emails about the Winter Sale for the fifth time) but did communicate with a note sent under our desk. It simply said ‘No,’.

What do you the BagTalkers reading this feel about love at first sight, tell us about your coolest stories and we might just feature them on our social media (PSA: Ensure your parents know about this story).

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