20 Apr

Looking Classy On Business Travel


Business travel isn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially if your job keeps you on the move constantly. Catching winks on the plane, keeping your bag departure-ready and constantly being stuck to your electronic device can play havoc mentally and physically.

Living on the road is certainly tough but with some tips and tricks in place, you can master the art of living out of suitcases and adapting to any time zone that you are thrown into!

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Travel with only one piece of luggage. That piece should preferably be an in cabin piece so that you save time by not having to wait endlessly. Travelling with one piece will ensure that you pack efficiently.

Carry versatile pieces of clothing, preferably in dark or neutral colours so that you can mix and match your official wear and after office wear.


Image Source: businessinsider.com

Make the most of the hotel laundry to reduce carrying too many clothes. Being a business trip, the bill will be footed for sure!

Pack your fancier clothing, suits etc in laundry bags and big plastic bags to ensure that creases are not formed.
Try and board the plane first. This will give you the advantage of space and you can stash your bag in the overhead cabin in peace.


Image Source: express.co.uk

Be loyal to the airline company that you fly and the hotel chain that you stay in. Try and stick to one or two airlines and hotel chain this amps up your chances at getting more and more loyalty rewards.  Early boarding on flights, priority hotel room, first-class upgrades and “all-around better treatment.

Use the flight time to relax. Try and complete all your work beforehand, have your office work ready so that you aren’t rushing to complete any bits on the flight. If it is a long journey you could use the rest since jet lag might catch up with you at the destination and you want to be fresh before taking on that super important presentation.

International flights mean free booze. If you get upgraded then better still. But don’t fall for it, simply because you don’t want a hangover the next day when you need to impress new clients or bag that VVIP deal. In any case when you do ace through, your hosts will take you out for drinks anyway, so wait for that!

Free alcoho;

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

Remember to charge your electronics before leaving. Invest in a lightning charger and also an electric plug adapter since different countries have different plug types. Usually the hotel provides an adapter but it’s always better to be on the safer side.

If possible buy luggage separator bags. There are quite a few in the market and they allow you to stash and compartmentalize your clothes and other bits and pieces. That way you aren’t scrambling around in your bag looking for things.

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Java Duffle


Wear comfortable clothing on the flight if you aren’t rushing into a meeting on touchdown. Pre order a special meal on the flight, be that diet, or vegetarian, whatever suits your fancy. This way you get fed first, and don’t have to wait for full service, also at times the flight may run out of food, you don’t want to be stuck hungry in mid air do you?

airline-in-flight-meals (1)

Image Source: pointsanddeals.com

So with all those tips under your belt, are you ready to jet set go??

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