28 Jun

Look Like A Diva In College!

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College is that time when you can go experimenting with your looks and try out various kinds of attire to see which one is most aligned to your personality.

To ace the look you need to ensure that you have the spunk and confidence to carry off whatever you wear. That poise comes from within when you are sure about yourself.


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Here are tips to look like a million dollars, when at college:

1. Before you don the warpaint, be comfortable in your skin and confident about who you are. Let your self-confidence define you and let it shine through. Your personality accentuates everything and amps up your aura.


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2. Be particular about your skin care. You might not always have the time to glam up in the morning before class so ensure that your skin looks fresh and dewy. Channel the inner diva and go au natural. Always put on moisturizer and sunscreen. Kajal and lipgloss are optional and then you are good to go.


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3. If you didn’t know already eyebrows can make a great difference to your looks. Thin is out and natural, thick and maintained is the way to go. It spells power. Your eyes are the focal point always and eyebrows give your face structure and shape. So get your eyebrow game on!


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4. Good sleep and healthy food is a must. Keep your basics in check. Sleep well and on time, if you don’t your skin is going to do the talking, patchy skin, breakout and pimples are going to be all over your face. The same goes for nutrition. If you eat junk, it shall reflect too. All that oil and grime will show up sooner or later. So eat healthy, keep yourself hydrated and eat natural.


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5. As far as outfits are concerned, dress smart. Keep your outfits ready and prepped up for the week, this saves time before classes when you are pressed for time. Also, accessorize well, have some statement accessories which will match with a lot of outfits so that it is easy to pull an outfit together. Wear comfortable shoes, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style, flats and pumps are a great option.


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So get you’re a game on and dress your part in college!

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