19 May

London Ahoy!


I visit London very often since I have family there. It is definitely my favourite city, after Mumbai ofcourse, actually make that after Chandigarh! I just cant decide between these three!!

I would like to mention a quote I read somewhere, a bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else!


Image Source :www.shufilondon.com

That is so true because there are so many things to do in London and so many places to be that you really don’t have the time to feel bad about anything!

You could always get yourself the hop on hop off bus ticket and go wherever they take you. Check out the usual sights such as Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Trafalagar Square etc. or pick up a map and a guide and go exploring on your own.

Some of my top picks to do when in London:

Wander down South Bank. Right by the Thames. There are outdoor performers, street food, there are various theatres and halls with something or the other happening there. Then there is the Undercroft which is the skateboarding community’s place to be. There are various festivals too that keep taking place here, overall a very interesting place to visit.


Image Source :southbanklondon.com

You could go watch an outdoor movie. It is such a nice experience to watch a cinema under the stars. Rooftop Cinema in Shoreditch, Stratford, Backyard Cinema in Camden and another one on Portobello Road are just amazing! Next time in London, make it a point to go watch a cinema in the open!

Urban Flux will blend in with the whole diversity and craziness of London!

Urban Flux

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Eat your heart out at the Street Feast. Food truck and vans are the latest fad and London has some of the most amazing ones. From cuisines that I have never even heard the names of, to our familiar Chicken Tikka Masala, they have it all. The Street Feast is a night time food market and a massive array of nomadic eateries. A definite must go for all foodies.


Image Source : www.standard.co.uk

Since im such an outdoorsy kind of person, I look for similar activities in London. There are various places that conduct rock climbing, there are organizations that teach parkour, you could go to a paintball parlour or even learn how to trapeze! Canoeing or kayaking down the Thames is a cool activity and there is even white water rafting that happens in London! With so many different options it is tough to chose a single one to do!

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Gunner green

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The Museums in London are open certain nights, only for adults. So it’s actually like a night at the museum!! You can walk around with a drink in hand and take in all the history and information. Quite cool actually.

Some of the fancier things to do in London are to go for afternoon tea, the proper English way. Go to the Opera, if you have an ear for it or head to Regents Park for an open air Theatre experience.


There are a million things to do in London. These were just a few that I love to do. How do you explore your favourite city? Do write in and let me know!

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