12 Sep

Live Life Like The Queen!


Girls today need a role model and who better than the QUEEN of sass herself – Kangana Ranaut!

With a never say die attitude there is so much to learn from this woman!

Be who you are

Doesn’t matter if the odds are stacked up against you. People said she was very unruly, coming from a small town who didn’t speak proper English, well did that really matter in the end when her films got recognized at the national level?

Never let anyone intimidate you

Despite going through a string of controversial relationships, she held her chin up and head high and walked off from the table. Dignity and poise are internal; no one can ruffle your feathers unless you want them to!

You are your own success story

She never needed a Khan or Kapoor to breeze through Queen or Tanu weds Manu. She does her work on her own terms and shoulders responsibility for her actions.

Kill with Sarcasm

Remember a recent A-lister talk show where she gave the movie industry a reality check with a smile on her face. Well now you know how to deliver the bitterest message in the sweetest manner, don’t you?

Style with attitude

A feminist fashionista who exudes such glamour that whichever look she sports becomes a rage!

Be bold and fearless, dare to change the rules of the game just like our style icon.


Channel the inner diva in you and rock whatever look that you embrace!

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