3 Apr

List Of Things To Carry When Going To Study Abroad


Done with your schooling and getting ready for college? Planning to go abroad and study?

That is a great idea, depending on where you are applying for higher studies, you will need to do a recce of what all you would need to carry with you.

You don’t want to end up not having taken basic stuff and then having to buy them there, and you will find that buying a lot of stuff abroad is very very expensive. You will be surprised at how the simplest of things can cost so much.

Here is a list of the essential things that you need to carry when going abroad to study:


But ofcourse you need to carry clothes, the catch though is instead of being all clueless and packing in just about anything and everything, have a plan in place. Depending on what the weather is like, pack in your clothes accordingly. Usually the winter wear is cheaper on sale abroad plus it is weather appropriate so don’t buy them from India. Carry some Indian wear as well, you never know when those ethnic night and parties come up!




Buy a new belt and wallet and a handbag before you leave. Remember leather is expensive abroad. So stock up. Don’t bother carrying cosmetics and toiletteries from india. They will take up space and weight and are quite cheap abroad. The same goes for stationary. Just buy enough to get you going initially and then stock up once there.


This would be a great Urban Forest handbag to carry to on days when you have a few classes:

The pressure cooker

This is a given for every Indian student. If you don’t carry the very Indian pressure cooker how will you eat food? How will you make your dal chawal? You will lose weight, go thin and all the Indian aunties will hmm and haw when you get back home. Carry a pressure cooker. Period.


Don’t eat out when you’re abroad, cook your own meals and carry them with aplomb with our amazing 6 Pack Bags: Voyager!



Not only moms special blends but even basic masalas. You don’t want to end up travelling hours to get jeera powder from the Indian grocery store.


Image Source: grownimpex.tradeindia.com


I rest my case. Ok maybe some Wai Wai too.


Image Source: kurryleaves.net


Carry your own medication from India and carry extra of your regular medication for sure. Also Dental is expensive so get you teeth fixed before you move out.


Spectacles and lenses are very expensive abroad, make sure to carry an extra pair of eyeglasses or lenses with yourself.


Image Souce: kraftly.com

A good backpack is a must. Sturdy and all weather.

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