28 Jun

Life Lessons Learnt In College!


The shift from high school to college is a drastic one. To start off with the studies in college and the methodology is totally different, and then, of course, there is the matter of new people and places to adjust to. Overall, one tends to grow up all of a sudden in this shift from school to college.

There are so many lessons that you learn, lessons that are not taught in the classroom or by any professor, but lessons life and experiences teach you at this juncture.

Here are some lessons that life teaches you when in college.

1. Adjustment

Having to share your personal space with another human being or beings and enduring and shaping yourself according to the other person’s needs and personality is a lesson in itself. You might be a morning person but your roomie a night owl, you can’t throw a fit and neither can you behave like a brat about it. This is not home, they aren’t your family, or not as of yet, so you have to learn to let go of things that you can let go off. You might not like loud music and your roommates might be into heavy metal so on and so forth, adjustment is the key to the game. Learn to live and live happily and work productively around all sorts, that will ensure success in life.


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2. Prioritize and multi-task

Classes, assignments, club activities, group studies, social obligations you have to be a part of it all and juggle it seamlessly. It might be a little difficult in the beginning but it gets better with time. You space your time in such a manner that you are able to give full justice to every activity that you undertake. This goes a long way in life.


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3. Making true friends

The friendships you forge in high school are based more on bonds you formed as kids. Shared experiences bring people closer and imagine living 24/7 with the same group of people, it brings out the better and the worst in them, having gone through it all together, these very people become your family for the next few years and probably for life. This is why cliques on campus are known as fraternities and sororities. The brotherhood and sisterhood.


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4. Clarity on goals

 Whether it is short term goals such as how and when to complete and submit a particular assignment or long-term goals such as trying to secure a job through the coveted internship you secured.  You learn and realize what you want out of life for yourself. What you are working towards, how exactly you need to get there. All of it.


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5. Financial Management

A lot of us may be studying on student loans and the obligation of having to pay it off once we are done is a reality that we need to face. Apart from such big obligations, smaller ones such as how to manage your monthly cash flow so that you can maximize it are ever pressing. By the end of your college years, you get pretty adept at managing basic finances, something that is a definite step up from your younger days.


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