29 Sep

Life Lessons Disney Movies Taught Us!


Sometimes you learn the most valuable lessons from the most unexpected sources.

When life gets a bit much to handle the best way to unwind is to watch animated films!

In between all the riot of colours and incredulous stories, there are such nuggets of profound wisdom that your perspective gets a kick start! Here are the pick for the top five lessons that Disney movies have taught us:

Finding Nemo

This movie taught us to keep at things no matter what, determination will take you a long way. When things got tough, Dory advised – “just keep swimming!”


Another inspirational movie that tells you to never stop looking for adventure whatever be your age because life is too short to have any regrets!

The Lion King

Who can forget the phrase Hakuna Matata! Worrying is never constructive.. don’t take life too seriously, learn to stop and appreciate things just the way they are!

Beauty and the Beast

One of life’s truest and greatest lessons was conveyed in this story- true beauty lies within. You need to look beyond what meets the eye and who knows what you might find!!


It’s a great movie to reinforce the values of friendship, teamwork and sacrifice. The journey of Lightning McQueen teaches us that you need to look beyond yourself and value others around you.

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